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Many, if not most of us, live lives that are inauthentic. If you have been feeling lost, stuck, frustrated, depressed, or anxious – then your authentic self is communicating that you are on the wrong track. What you have going on right now is not working. Self-discovery is reconnecting with your authentic self and listening to your inner voice. Find out what is right for you, now! What you need to change. What you want. How you want to live. Live life for you and not for everyone else. Let me guide you.


Who you think you are – rather, who you think you are not governs what you demand from life. Do you want more? Do you want better? Do you dare to even want the best? Let’s reconstruct your self-image to the version of you that matches the life you want!


A toxic mind produces a toxic life. Your life is a reflection of how you think on a regular basis. Your behavioural habits stem from your mindset. My programs are curated to help you take on a new perspective and help you pivot. Stop wishing for better. Take action! Learn to think your way to your best life!

I'M FONDY, A BUSINESS COACH HELPING WOMEN heal and build a new, healthy and happy way of living - through self discovery, self image reconstruction, and mindset reset.

It is said that we sign up for our life lessons before we enter the material world. I may have been over eager when I was made my checklist. Would you say your soul was a little too excited to experience all these traumas and challenges? We are not meant to sit in the suffering, however. We are meant to learn how to process and heal from them.

All of your actions come from that place you didn't heal from.

It is also said that if you do not heal your traumas and solve your challenges in a lifetime, you will be sent back to do it all over again - and again, until you have learned your lesson.

Believing that this cycle is in play, not only in multiple lifetimes, but within a lifetime – I have been on a journey of learning, healing, and now – also teaching and supporting. You are not here to do it all alone. None of us are. We play together, hurt each other, and heal each other.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anaïs Nin

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“She has contributed so much compassion, healing, support, growth and has guided me to tap into, recall and develop the essentials I need to thrive.”

At first I wasn’t sure if coaching was really what I even needed. Then I saw Fondy’s beautiful soul shine through her, and around her, and I instantly trusted her and the process. She has contributed so much compassion, healing, support, growth and has guided me to tap into, recall and develop the essentials I need to thrive. Fondy is a genuine and look forward to having her continue my journey with me.



Develop the courage to live unapologetically and thrive in complete abundance.